Welcome to the Georgetown Heritage Society!

A Fresh Outlook

After 37 successful years of preserving the past for future generations, the Georgetown Heritage Society is poised to ask the question, ‘what’s next?’ 

GHS realizes that our mission succeeds through education and involvement.  We feel the growth of the organization depends on engagement. By combining a learning factor with a can-do attitude, we can move the Heritage Society into a new era. 

We are ready to take on larger and broader measures toward historic preservation; ready to take a hands-on approach to preservation utilizing the resources available to take on ‘bricks & mortar’ projects.  That means we are reaching out for help financially and physically; more volunteers willing to go to work with everything from pencil and paper to hammers and paint; more financial backing to put toward preservation projects;  more professional resources to help throughout the process.

We are all stewards of our history. We, every generation, every part of the community, must work together – appreciating what has been done and being ever mindful of what lies ahead. Join us!



GHS Administration Office is open THURSDAY and FRIDAY from 9 AM to 5 PM, and by appointment.  Please contact us at georgetownhs@verizon.net or (512)869-8597 with questions, requests about researching your property,  or to schedule a wedding or viewing. 

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